Caricatures by Don Tywoniw
David Bowie as Aladdin Sane with a Spider from Mars
self portrait of Don Tywoniw the artist
beached bikini babe
surreal Bro Ken Tywoniw desert artist
Elizabeth O'Brien on the back o'nien
pilot and captain Ron Parfitt
underwater with the mermaids
Jim O'Brien, Ob-la-dee, Ob-la-da
Beachcomber Jerry enjoying the surf and sand crabs
Al Teufel smoking his pipe
Laci Lyn at sweet 13
Bill Nelson smokes his pipe and plays his music
beautiful Diane Drozd with her pretty green eyes
The Famous Jimmy Mullen
Herbie Ken Horbacz
Jack and Harriet on the motorcycle
Lisa and Matt Sonatore in the garden of Earthly Delights
outlaw biker James, the King of Cool
Desiree and Ronny on the music motorcycle
Jake Porter, traveler and dog lover
a grandfather and the kids
the REAL Thompsen Twins
The Thompsen Twins - Jeff & Gary
I heart valentine's day
cooking on the Rodek Rotisserie
congratulations to Phyllis!
Lionel Bannister ... only in America
triple caricatures of teenagers on the phone
Marty Mayo the Martian
Bob O'Brien armed with tattoos
LiverPaul Clarke
AttaBoy progressive rock band
crazy Batman caricature
Paul and Trev in the Morning on WKCB 107.1 FM
surreal dollar caricature portrait of George Washington
Paul and Trev for Sheriff
Rhiannon & Bobby & the twins
Zorro the swashbuckler
eating the big sub sandwich
the Lisa Train
Crazy Valentine in heart underwear
Laci & Carl Andy Sonatore Tony O'Brien Alesia & Mike  
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